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Flag, 2018.   150"x88"   Acrylic on Stonehenge paper.

©2020 Xavier Roux. All rights reserved.


Xavier Roux

Xavier Roux

Xavier Roux’s conceptual propositions are often formulated like invitations. The artist finds genuine satisfaction from defying old fashion ways. Roux trades the romantic ideal of the artist as the sole author of the work for a collective authorship. The works are conceived to gather people during performances and engage them in participating. Participation is both at their origin and a primary goal. 

Roux’s projects typically involve a group of individuals acting one at a time. The work keeps a door open for coincidences, randomness and surprises to happen. Both people and chance are welcome in the process. 

Roux’s practice is people oriented. He likes to connect personally to his participants. Discovery of the other and what can happen through these connection process is an integral part of the action.


Roux acts in public spaces where random encounters lead to dialogue. The artist as gardener has been one of Roux’s artistic persona. He uses elements relating to the cultivation of the earth to cultivate a direct relationship with strangers. Roux regards plants as organic living sculptures. His gardening is essentially a therapeutic artistic practice, a way to engage people and create personal connections. 


Flag, 2018.   30"x22"   Acrylic on Stonehenge paper.

©2020 Xavier Roux. All rights reserved.

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