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4A_Between The Lines_Fallen Ascencion an

©2020 Sade Boyewa El. All rights reserved.

Fallen Ascension and Fallen Consciences 

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Sade Boyewa El

Sade Boyewa El is a multimedia artist, photographer who has lived and worked in Harlem for the past two decades.


'Between the Lines - Reflections of Fallen Ascension' and 'Fallen Consciousness' are a series of images that juxtapose realities that are not always seen at first glance but rather explores those areas in between the often unexplored spaces left unnoticed.


As an artist Sade, likes to challenge the viewers' eyes by looking past the obvious. With her images, Sade seeks to inspire people to look carefully at the world around them, to uncover all the beauty that exists in the most unusual and unexpected places. 

Sade Boyewa El

Instagram | @SadeElHarlem

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©2020 Sade Boyewa El. All rights reserved.

Green Beginnings

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