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©2020 Capucine Bourcart. All rights reserved.

Sandy Brown Monochrome, 2015.  30"x22"   Archival glue, archival paper, photographic paper.

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Capucine Bourcart

Multidisciplinary Visual Artist

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Instagram | @capucinebourcart

Phone | 646-244-4053

Capucine Bourcart

Capucine Bourcart’s mixed media assemblages and photo collages employ a wide range of techniques, informed by her own multicultural background and the work of artisans explored through extensive travel.


Bourcart’s work is inspired by subtle details that often go unnoticed in the urban landscape and the natural environment. She captures details, textures, colors, and patterns with original images to begin a contemplative process of creating assemblages that re-define the mundane as abstract and fragmented objects of beauty.


The work deconstructs the familiar and puts it back together, by stitching, painting, layering or by any means necessary. The original subject is redesigned rather than restored so that the viewer might take notice of the less obvious and recognize the humor in her version of ordinary things.


Bourcart finds that with each new series of work she is reinventing her own process, developing a new visual vocabulary and a new method of re-interpreting what she sees in her surroundings.


Nid-de-Poule #12, 2018.  29,5"x31,5"x1"  Art fine photo paper, acid-free glue, acid-free tissue paper, archival varnish.

©2020 Capucine Bourcart. All rights reserved.

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