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Current ArtFormUs Exhibition

Counting Tales

Fall Video Series

What is the video project about?

ArtFormsUs has created 8 original short videos related to the theme 'Counting.' The theme appears in myriad forms: from the sounds of whales echoing the belching sounds of a bus, the artist’s movements reflect the sounds of the city; Ripples in street puddles are chanting numbers of family members. The midpassage losses are given new echoes in our current times; Consumption is demonstrated by the artist, hooded in plastic, roaming the city as she knits an endless train of plastic bags; Jazz, trees and breathing underscore a sympathy for humanity; Counting leaves symbolizes the litany of counting deaths by Covid; the surreal slapstick of 3 disparate artists converges into a bonding and a ritual examines two of the foundational objects that brought Latinos and African Americans to the “New World.”

The Artists Are 

Capucine Bourcart, Dominique de Cock, Noreen Dean Dresser, Undine Groeger, Salem Krieger, Leah Poller, Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, Xavier Roux and Allicette Torres

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